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Le Prez, Le Perv, Le Freed

We all started with the same material: the transcription of the preliminary hearing of Dominique Strauss Kahn, former IMF CEO and French president candidate, accused of sexual harassment on an hotel maid in New York City.
Because of the caricatural and the grotesque you could find in this case (both in the oppressed/oppressive relationship and the outcome of the story), I drew a parallel with Commedia dell’Arte and decided to edit the whole report as a theatre play. This book mixes visual codes from theatre play books and tabloids press. The layout and editing of the content support the ‘dramaturgy’ of the story and thus participate to the narration.
All pictures were sourced in newspapers.

Softcover with blind embossing, printed on newsprint, 27 × 38 cm, 54 pages, ECAL / 2011

× Le Prez, Le Perv, Le Freed Le Prez, Le Perv, Le Freed